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Tim Radcliffe Dog Training

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Mon - Sun: 8AM - 8PM

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Tim Radcliffe Dog Training

28 years of professional dog training experience


I am a passionate and motivated dog trainer  keen to help dogs and owners utilising the experience I have gained over 28 years of training dogs. This includes working and training dogs in the NZ Police Dog Section for 18 years, Land Search and Rescue Dogs for 20 years and the Aviation Security Explosive Detector Dog Unit for 4 years.

I now want to impart my knowledge and experience to domestic pet dogs so that they become an enjoyable and rewarding member of your family. I can develop your dog into one who makes good choices and help guide you to better understand and manage your dog’s behaviour. In partnership we can support the dog to be the best version of itself.

I have a wealth of knowledge and practical application of dog behaviour, puppy development, shaping new behaviours, counter conditioning undesirable behaviours and problem solving. My primary focus for every dog is based on engagement between the owner and dog and I work with integrity and commitment to achieve the best outcomes.

Through my experience in handling and training many dogs I have gained the ability to understand the dog’s behaviour and implement the best learning method for the individual dog and owner.

Puppy Training

I will work together with you and your puppy  to implement foundation training. This is a good opportunity to have a good base of human and dog shared language which is key to exploring the outside world.

1 x 1 hour session
$110 + GST per session (8-20 week old dogs)


Basic Training

We will work together to implement training methods and create clear shared language around manners, getting your dog to happily listen and engage with you. This will then assist in the likes of lead walking, shaping a good recall and within obedience.

1 x 1 hour session
$150 + GST first session
$130 + GST subsequent sessions (60 mins)


Behaviour Modification | Counter Conditioning | Reactivity

The work here is around counter conditioning undesirable behaviour and making bad decisions. Upon the first initial session I will be able to give you an indication of what will be required to make realistic gradual progress.

$180 + GST first session
$150 + GST subsequent sessions (75 mins)


Focus & Engagement

Group classes for non-reactive dogs in a controlled environment where owners manage their dogs around other dogs and owners who are working towards the same goal of your dog making good decisions in listening to their human around other dogs.

60mins group sessions $50 + GST
(Dogs 12 months and older)


Dog Socialisation, Environmental Socialisation and Basic Manners

Group classes for younger dogs who have a good foundation in basic puppy training. We will work on manners and engagement around other dogs and humans, guide the dogs in acceptable play and exposure to environments, therefore building on our training foundations.

60mins group session $50 + GST
(16 - 20 week old dogs)


Puppy Lead Walking, Recall and Environment

I am happy to take the lead and expose your puppy to fun and new environments and whilst doing this I will condition a clear shared language to give you a good foundation to build on.

$130 + GST per session (75 mins)


Preparation for future puppy / rehomed dog / rescue dog


In home one on one in depth consultation around dog selection and preparation of your home and lifestyle for your future dog.

75mins session $120 plus GST


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We used Tim for our dog Rosie (an 11 month old retriever) and honestly couldn’t recommend him highly enough. The knowledge he brings to the table is unbelievable and Rosie just loves the mental stimulation of it. We have used him twice a week for the last 4 months and the difference with her behaviour is next level!!! Tim always has time for you and your dog and works around your busy schedule. I mean it when I say give this guy a go as you will be blown away with the results!

Timmy Rolston

I cannot recommend Tim highly enough. My 18 month old working line GSD is like an entirely different dog in just the 3 months we have been training with Tim (and so is the handler). There is no cookie cutter ‘training program’ like so many other ‘trainers’ offer, our weekly sessions are designed for me and my dog, from working on engagement and counter-conditioning in different locations to obedience work and putting up with a barrage of texts asking for advice, it’s obvious how passionate and committed he is to helping dogs and their owners

Rachael Freeman

Highly recommend Tim - he helped us sort out our energetic boy who now walks beautifully on the lead and is engaged more with us! Thanks so much Tim aka dog whisperer

Colleen Gallagher